Friday, December 14, 2012

More of my cutie

Can you tell I got some new kufi hats and flowers in the mail.  I just HAVE to take pictures!!!!


  1. We are enjoying your pictures very much!!! Cute kufi hats and of course such cute subjects!!! We'll look forward to seeing more! :-)

    Love to all

  2. Alissa, I love all the pictures you are talking of the girls. So cute the hats. I am enjoying the poses from the last posting. Keep them there pics a comman!!!!! ;)
    Love Mom

  3. The pics are so lovely of all the girls and the 2 young men are quite handsome. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing the pics of everyone. I have 2 questions for you. One, what type of conditionig agent/extract were you using on Kailey hair, I cannot seem to find the blog anywhere?? Secondly, do you have a nice/easy photo editor for your computer printer? :( Mine has almost made me throw it away many times, it behaves so badly and unconventional. I see you have just the kids faces and it is so hard to make anything look good/nice on mine. I cannot afford anything fancy or expensive right now, but I do need help or suggestions. Miss seeing you guys but always love the notes and pics. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and love, prayers and hugs to you all!! Clara :)

  4. For hair, we use coconut oil (we get the organic extra virgin) but they are many types out there. It is the same coconut oil you can cook with etc. We get the Nutiva brand.
    I do not have a good photo editor either. I would LOVE to get photoshop but it is sooooo expensive. I use which is free to download.