Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I know I haven't posted in awhile.  Right at the moment I am suffering with a horrible head cold and fever.  I don't know why I got it so bad.  The kids have been sneezing but I seem to have something much worse than them.  I haven't felt this bad since I had the flu back in December!!
The only real news going on here is our boy FINALLY lost his top tooth.  This thing has been wiggly for I don't know how long.  I mean it's been months and months and months!!  I think he is finally glad it is out.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Creation Museum Updates

It's been awhile since the kids and I have been in the Creation Museum, but there have been so many new additions lately....we need to schedule our next visit soon!!  Here are some of the cool new exhibits we haven't even seen yet.....

Dr. Crawley's Insectorium  The collection of bugs and insects represents a lifetime of collecting by Dr. Crawley, who began his interest in these creatures during a merit badge project as a kid. Wherever his travels took him, he would venture out and add to his collection.

Dragon Invasion Exhibit  Regale yourself with delightful artwork and other beautiful adornments as you stroll beneath extraordinary Chinese dragons in the museum's portico. Learn about fabulous encounters with these incredible beasts from China to Africa, Europe to the Americas, and Australia to the Middle East. Discover what ancient historians have written about these creatures, and examine armaments that may have been used by valiant dragon slayers.

Museum of the Bible A new exhibit in the Creation Museum, part of an impressive traveling exhibition of rare Bible manuscripts and artifacts from the famed Green Collection.

Ziplines Travelers will trek on 20 zip lines that range from 270 feet to 900 feet in length and up to 150 feet in the air.  You will also traverse 10 sky bridges over 2 1/2 miles. 

Friday, June 14, 2013

On the move now!

Our girl is finally walking.

Monday, June 10, 2013


We planted a garden this year and with all the rain we've been having, it is really taking off.  It is an 8 ft x 8 ft frame and we have planted 2 types of tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers, squash, cayenne pepper, red onion, and rosemary.  I still have other herbs I need to get planted.  We were thinking of adding on a 4 x 8 right beside it.  Not sure if it is too late now or not....we'll see.  We have a few green tomatoes already but that's it.  Looking forward to hopefully a fruitful outcome!!

and here's a pic of one of my girls today.....

Monday, June 3, 2013

Book list

I thought I would update our book list of recommendations for each age group.  Our kids LOVE to read and we have accumulated quite the stack of books.  Here are some of the kids favorites!  Click on the names to their links....

Ages 6-9
Imagination Station books.  They are geared toward grade level 1.7 and my second grader zips right through them.  We just bought the first four and he read 3 of them that night.  There are 12 in the series so guess what will be arriving in the mail soon!  The rest of them!!

The Andy series (Circle C Beginnings) by Susan K Marlow.  I've wrote about them before.  Again, these are great for a reader who is now ready to read chapter books on their own.  All about a girl and her horse.

The Cul-de-Sac kids are a great series for beginning readers.  Easy to follow and fun!  My son again zipped through the whole 24 book series in a matter of weeks.  

Captive Treasure and Nix  all books through BJU Press for ages 7-10. My son loved all of them!

Ages 9-12
Rachel Yoder series by Wanda E Brunstetter.  My daughter loved these.  All about an amish girl and her family and the trouble she gets in!  She couldn't put these down!

Double Trouble series by Wanda Burnstetter.  There are 3 in the series with the 4th book soon to be released.  Set in the Amish community, these twins have quite the adventures!

Circle C Adventures (The Andy series) but more grown up.  Andy and her horse on more adventures!

Gold Town Adventures Just discovered this one (so guess what is on our next purchase list!!)  This is apart of the Andy series, but it is Andy's big brother Jem!  Looks like a great series for boys.  Book 1 and 2 are available with book 3 due to be released.

The Truth Chronicles by Tim Chaffey.  This series is written by a man that hubby works with at the Creation Museum.  Excellent books!!!  We even have a signed copy (yay!)

The Viking Quest series (ages 10-14).  My daughter again LOVED this series.  Time period fiction with Christian principles.  She wished the series was longer!!!

The Sugar Creek Gang  by Paul Huchens.  Our boy has just started this series.  He keeps telling me "these boys are just like me!"  About 36 books in the series.

Read alouds
The Jungle Doctor series by Paul White, a missionary to Tanzania writes about his adventures!  Some of the language is a bit hard for children's reading so may be best as real alouds to your children.  Also great for adults!  I believe it also comes in audio form which might be great as well!

Little Lights Books ages 4 and up.  Just found these are they look wonderful!  The true stories of people such as Corrie Ten Boom, George Muller, David Livingston, Amy Carmichael.....