Tuesday, December 29, 2009

11 days old

Here are some pictures from last week.....

Monday, December 28, 2009

Mom and Dad and family are heading home tomorrow. It's been a great visit but way too short!
We are still adjusting to our new family dynamics :) The last 2 Sundays we have been quite late for church!! Just trying to get into a new routine as we fit in last-minute feedings before going out the door etc..... Baby is doing very well with feedings and is alot more alert now. She has a period of time throughout the day where she will stay awake for several hours. Unfortunately sometimes it is from 2 - 4:30 am!!!!
Over the weekend she was able to meet 2 sets of great-grandparents. We are hoping in a few months we will be able to travel to Canada and see her other set of great-grandparents and extended family.
I hope to post more pictures soon. Hard to do with baby in my arms (and typing one handed).....

Monday, December 21, 2009


I'm still here :) We have my family visiting from Canada for the next week and a half so I probably won't be posting too much except for some Christmas pictures. Baby is doing wonderful! We go for another checkup tomorrow. She was sleeping ALOT (hard to wake up for feedings) but she is now doing much better and is more alert. Our church family was delighted to finally meet her on Sunday. The kids are having so much fun with her and all her little features. Even our youngest has taken to her very well.....no jealousy issues so far!! All the cousins have been enjoying their time together so far. Eight children in one room can get awfully noisy!!!! It's good to be all together again. We hope the week won't go by too quickly :)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas pictures

Today I attempted some Christmas photos of the kids. I need to get our Christmas cards made up to send out and what a time I had trying to get them all to look at the camera with at least a descent facial expression!! I did get some cute individuals of the kids with their baby sister.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Nursing Theme Song

I apologize to any male readers. I will try not to talk about this subject too much :) I have had a great day today! I pumped all through the night and fed her a bottle. She was actually having difficulty with it. Many times the milk would be coming out both sides of her mouth and she would gag on occassion despite the fact that I was using a small tip. This morning I decided I was not done trying to attempt nursing. It was a rough start but I decided I would have a word of prayer before each session and I tried staying very calm. It worked! I sat there thanking God and started singing 'God is so good' while she nursed. Next session came along and I repeated with a word of prayer....and she did great! We sang again :) I have spent the day nursing my daughter and singing "God is so good'!! I'm hoping this trend will continue, but I am so thankful that the Lord allowed me such a special day with my girl.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Back to the pump

So today has been a rather down day for me. I have so much to be thankful for and yet this one area is really dragging me down. Our girl is just not nursing and I have had to bring out the dreaded pump. I was really, really hoping that I would be able to nurse her after pumping with our son. The first 2 kids had no problem with nursing, but our 3rd just wouldn't cooperate and I ended up pumping for 12 months. I knew that our baby girl was having some difficulties but I was really hoping we'd be able to work out the kinks. Today however she has cried at the top of her lungs every time I try to feed her. So the pump has resurfaced and she has had several bottle feedings today. It has been such a disappointment and I've had to remind myself through the many tears today that we have a beautiful, healthy girl with us.
We do have something to look forward to this week. Grandma and Grandpa from Canada are coming to visit along with an Aunt, Uncle and 2 cousins. The kids are very excited!! They haven't seen them in almost a year so I know there will be big changes seen in the kids. Now to get hubby's to-do-list all made up for the week :)

Saturday, December 12, 2009


And the picture taking has begun!! I love taking pics of the kids....and now there is a sweet new face to capture :) I know I am bias but she is such a cutie!! I love her cheeks and chin. I'm hoping she will keep her dark hair!! Unfortunately our kids seem to lose all their hair and it comes in thin (except for our middle guy....his is a little thicker).
We are finally getting nursing down pretty good which is a relief. I am so thankful for the lactation consultant that worked with me the last day at the hospital!
We are thankful for the ladies at church who have already called with meals to bring over. I love our church family!!
I'm thankful for hubby's parents who took care of our sick kids for several days and brought us supper last night! Our youngest has a low grade fever right now so all kids are off limits to baby. They are so anxious to be with her and I want to take PICTURES but it will have to wait :)
So....here are just a few pictures from this morning.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Home at last

We finally made it home and are settling in. The kids were able to take a peek at their new sister from a distance....unfortunately they all have colds and bad coughs, so hugs, kisses and embraces will have to wait just a bit. Our youngest keeps telling me 'baby crying' and runs to the bedroom door to listen to her. He is also hugging my leg at lot :) I think he missed me!! He sure grew a few inches after comparing him to his little sister.....wow!! He's not my 'baby' anymore.....such a big boy. The other two just giggled at her and commented on all her features. It's going to be an adjustment over the next little while as we get into a new routine. Hubby still has house chore duty for the next 3 weeks. I'm not to do heavy lifting, bending or housework. Poor guy huh. I'm sure he'll be thankful when I'm back on my feet again :)
There's so much I'd like to talk about and pictures to post, but for now I'm going to put my feet up. I want to thank ALL of you for your constant prayers for us during these past several months and during delivery. You are such an encouragement to me and what a wonderful feeling it is to know that so many care about us and go before the Lord for us. Thank you so much!!!! Our God is so good!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hospital Updates Take #2

Welcome Ksena Abigayle Lawrence! Praise be to God! Born at 2:51 pm Wednesday December 9, 2009. She weighed 7 pounds 11 ounces and was 19 and 1/2 inches. We just got settled in our room.

Here is the story. Alissa got the epidural. There was a doctor change and the new doctor came in and said she wasn't comfortable delivering the baby in the position it was (her whole hand to the wrist was out). So she went and checked the babies position and while she did that she pushed the hand back. In her past times of doing this it hasn't helped. Well this time it did. She was so amazed that Ksena actually moved her hand back. So we just proceeded with the delivery. Everything went well after that. To God be all the glory!
posted 5:08 pm

The doctor told us to get an epidural for several reasons. Baby's hand was all the way out. They felt Alissa needed to be in a controlled environment for the pushing. The goal is to push her out without injury to the baby's shoulder. Also if an emergency C section is needed then we are already prepared. Alissa was at 7 cm 1/2 hour ago. What a rough morning! Please continue to pray!
posted 1:20 pm

What a little stinker (as Alissa would say). The babies hand is coming out on top of her head. Alissa is now 4cm dilated. The doctor says this does happen and that sometimes the baby will pull the hand back. Please pray toward this end. We have to wait till the pushing stage to see if this happens. If not then we are headed to OR for a C-section. Alissa is rather upset right now by the news. We covet your prayers.
posted 10:20 am

They broke her water. She's now about 3 cm. She's really starting to feel contractions.
posted 7:40 am

Pitocin started. 1/2 cm dilated
posted 6:00 am

Alissa is in the hospital. The Cervidil is in and we wait till morning.
posted 6:40 pm

Monday, December 7, 2009

Next stop please :)

When I was younger I loved rollercoasters :) The ups and downs, the excitement and adrenaline. As I've gotten older, rollercoasters don't entice me like they used to and I would really like to stop the ride I'm on right now *grin*.
So baby is head down! She is facing the wrong way however, but she is definitely head down and low, so this is very good! It will just mean that labour could be a little harder. She is curled in such a tight ball, her chin is touching her behind :) I will go back to the hospital tomorrow night as long as there are beds available, and induction will begin Wednesday morning. I think this is finally it. I'm going to try and stay on my feet alot and let gravity work so she can't get OUT of position again!! I am still on 1/2 cm dilated....bummer. At the hospital last night I was having constant contractions but I guess I'm the type that if they aren't excruciating....they aren't working!!! How lovely :)

Well, please continue to pray. I would really like to have this baby this week. I am having such a hard time moving around and my sciatic nerve is starting to bother me to the point I'm having trouble walking at times. I think she needs to come out!!!!
Thank you for all your prayers and hopefully by this weekend, we will be a happy family of 6 here at home!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Updates from the hospital

Ultrasound showed transverse position (side to side). They are sending us home. We go to the doctors office tomorrow to see what our options are.
posted Sunday 7:30 pm

Ultrasound scheduled for 7 pm. Heartbeat is up high on the belly.
posted Sunday 6:45 pm

Here we go!

So we're off to the hospital. Wouldn't you know it but our boy has a fever and is getting the sniffles and sneezes. Just another thing to add to my anxiety! Induction will begin early tomorrow morning (as long as she is head down of course) and hopefully by late afternoon/evening we'll have our baby girl. Hubby is bringing his computer so we hope to give updates during the day tomorrow if we can. If not, I'll be back to blog by the end of the week.
Please keep us in your prayers....I know many of you are! Please pray not only for the delivery but that the other kids will not get too sick while we are gone. Nana and Grandpa are going to have their hands full for a few days!!
Our God is good!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Front tooth

Our daughters tooth has been wiggly since around September. It started to bother her the last few days when she ate, so last night I got a hold of it for about 10 mins and out it popped!! It would have stayed in there probably another week or so, but I didn't want her to lose it while I was in the hospital :) Here is a picture of our toothless girl. She was not happy last night before bed cause it felt so different but this morning she is much happier and grinning about it (could be the tooth fairy money too that helped!)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Last appointment!

Today we had our last ultrasound (well, at the doctor's office anyway) She was head down!! But none of us are sure she is going to stay that way until Monday. I will go in Sunday night and the induction will begin Monday morning (as long as she is still head down). If they find she has turned AGAIN, it will be a C-section on Monday. They don't want to wait any longer with my blood pressure issues. Please continue to pray with us that this little gal with remain head down and I can have a natural delivery! Hopefully by this time next week I'll be at home blogging about our beautiful new girl!
Oh, and with all the contractions I've been having for the last several weeks, I am a whole.....drum roll please..... 1/2 cm dilated. Only a half centimeter????? Good grief :)