Friday, March 15, 2013

Her new thing to do

Baby girl is now 11 months old.  We are excited about a birthday next month!!  It will be a fish theme....very cute!  Her new thing to do is shake her head 'yes'.  She also babbles alot always ending with her voice going up funny.  She smiles and laughs alot and has such a loving and bubbly personality so far.  She is now pulling herself up to stand but no steps yet.  Still only has 2 teeth...what's up with that???  She is definitely not following the same teething patterns of her siblings.  They all had a mouthful by now while she has 2 pearly whites on the bottom.  The video is her shaking her head yes to my questions :)


  1. Andrew enjoyed the little, "YEAH!" Our kids enjoy looking at their far away friends!

  2. What a big sweet smile our girl has!!! Just love it!!! That was such a cute video, too!!! Thanks so much for sharing.

    Love you all

  3. Loved the video!! She is so sweet! Glad she started walking with help while we were there. She is such a beautiful little granddaughter. A wonderful personality. I love her so much!!

    Love to all