Friday, December 6, 2013


So I won these the other day and received them in the mail today!  I'm excited to read them....I know I will be encouraged and convicted!!  The first book is Proverbs for Parenting and the second is Parenting is HEART Work.

In other news, this has been quite the trying week.  We got home from vacation and a couple of the kids have come down with a croupy cough.  Then we got stranded on the side of the road when our van alternator died.  Then hubby was in bed for 2 days with we're-not-sure-what but thankfully he is back to his normal self again....and we also found out that our dear Pastor has resigned and is leaving the end of the month to be a senior pastor at another church!  We are happy for their family but are sure going to miss them!!!  I hope this next coming week will be better.  We will start it off with hubby's work Christmas party so the kids are looking forward to that!

Today the weather is calling for lots of snow so hubby has already left from work early to avoid the dangerous roads.

For baby updates, everything is on track and looking good.  She is still such an active girl!  We are counting down with 8 weeks left!

And last night, our big girl comes downstairs and says her tooth is really wiggly and wants me to pull it out.  I grab a kleenex and hold onto the tooth....give it a twist and out it pops only to realize I'm holding 2 MOLARS!  How in the world I pulled out both I do not know but poor girl cant chew on her left side anymore (both teeth were loose by the way).
That's about it.....


  1. Congratulations on another win! You should enter the lottery. :-) We were so sorry to hear about the sickness but so glad hubby is well again. He sure didn't sound too good last week when talking with him. Hope everyone else will feel better real soon.

    You definitely did have a trying week and hopefully, this week will be a much better one. Definitely understand how those weeks feel and how God's grace gets us through.

    That is something how you pulled out two teeth at once. I guess that was a shocker for sure. Hope our girl is doing well now.

    Love you all

  2. Sorry Sweetheart, congratulations on winning again!! They sound like interesting books from their titles. I'm sure you will enjoy them. ( if you find time to read them that is.) ha ha !!