Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy Birthday to our girl!

Happy birthday to our firstborn!  Eleven years old....imagine.  Entering the pre-teen years!  Our girl is such a big help around the house especially right now when it is so hard for me to do things (with such a huge belly!!)  She is becoming quite the young lady.  Please be in prayer for her as she heads into these next couple of years of change, that she will have a servant's heart and will continue to maintain a willingness to learn and follow the guidance of us, her parents, and that she will continue to grow closer to the Lord.  I look forward to the next phase of life with her as she matures!  She is such a blessing to our family and we love you so very much!!


  1. And we love her so very much also !!!! She certainly is becoming quite the young lady. We know the Lord has his plan for her life, and we wait to see what He will accomplish in her life. We do and will continue to pray for her in these years ahead. Hope she has a fantastic birthday today. Love you sweetheart, happy birthday.

    Love Mom & Grandma

  2. Hi My Sweet Grandchild
    You are beautiful.
    Love Grandpa

  3. What lovely pictures of our birthday girl!!! She has always had such a kind and gentle spirit about her and we pray that as she gets into these years now that she will continue to let God control her life. Much love and hugs to our girl and to all of you.