Friday, April 11, 2014

Look who's turning 2

Our girl is turning 2 tomorrow!  What a bundle of energy she is.  She is such a smart girl, loves to make us laugh, is our only thumb sucker so far, loves to snuggle, and has such a sweet smile.  She however does not like taking pictures!!  I took a bunch and these were the only 2 that turned out,  I also got a couple of the whole gang :)


  1. Happy 2nd Birthday sweetheart. You are such a beautiful girl. I love these pictures of you. Have a great time tomorrow celebrating your special day,with your family. Hope Mommy finds your card we left for you. :) Grandpa and I love you very much.

    Love, Grandma & Grandpa

  2. Happy Birthday to a beautiful 2 year old...doesn't seem possible that you are that old already...I did so enjoy seeing all of you. Have a wonderful day with your family.
    Lots of love and birthday hugs,

  3. Happy Birthday to our sweet girl!!! Glad we got to talk a little on the phone! It is hard to believe how quickly the 2 years have gone by.

    Love you lots