Thursday, May 15, 2014


Well, our closing date has come without us closing.  Looks like closing will be set for Monday now.  First, the owner had to go away for a conference today and tomorrow which moved the closing and the lender keeps asking for more paperwork before he gives the go-ahead to close.  As of today they have everything they need, so hopefully Monday we will all sit down and finally get this finished!!!  We are just anxious to finally be done with it all and call it OURS!  Packing is going well here at home.  I almost have all the kids clothes packed with just the summer clothes left out.  We have packed up all homeschooling materials, books, winter coats etc.  We are working on downsizing ALL the stuff in the garage.  We are throwing alot away and I have to repack much of our belongings out there because of some not-so-friendly critters that have left their filth behind on all the boxes.  Can I say how much I dislike mice!!!!
As for the kiddos....all are doing well.  Baby girl is a whopping 16 lbs for 3.5 months old.  She is just getting to the stage where she will giggle if you tickle her.  She loves to smile!  I can start to see her trying to roll over.  She hasn't done it but she is beginning to twist her body.  She is not too happy with tummy time.  She only lasts a few minutes before crying.
Our 2 yr old is such a little monkey.  She is so funny!  Her vocabulary is now starting to include phrases.....things like 'daddy's home', 'i want you',  'i'm scared' (vaccum!!)  'where's shoes?', 'want juice'.  She can hold a pencil well and colors on things she is not suppose to!   She is such a mimic too, constantly doing whatever big sister does.  She is buddies with her 4 yr old sister.
As for our 4 yr old, I still have not started alot of schooling with her yet.  She can write her alphabet and her name, she loves to draw and can do people quite well.  The other kiddos still have about a month and a half of school left.  We took all of Dec/Jan off at the end of my pregnancy which put us a little behind for the year.  Looks like we will finish in July.
Nothing else exciting right now.....

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