Monday, June 2, 2014


Baby girl has found her thumb....and inserts it in her mouth....NOOOOO!  I am determined to break this before she forms a habit.  She takes the pacifier very nicely but when it falls out, she finds her thumb.  She also has mastered rolling over and now sleeps on her belly.

In other news, we have been packing, and packing, and packing!!  We can't even sit in the livingroom now.  Our couch is unseen at the moment and our recliners are almost entirely in the kitchen!  Good news is our garage is pretty much completed, so only the den left to repack.  I'm hoping that will go a lot faster.  We should take possession of the house hopefully on Monday.  Then it will be cleaning up over there.  I can't wait to get the camera out and show some pics of the area and all our new 'toys'.  Hubby will finally be the proud owner of a nice riding lawnmower!  I know he's excited about that.  The kids love the 'gator' we have which is similar to the pic below.  The previous owner took them for a ride in it and they had a ball!!  We will also have a tractor (similar to the pic below) which will be interesting to see hubby on....*biting my nails*.  We're hoping to have the owner back out to the property to take hubby for a ride and teach him the ropes of tractor driving.  The kids are going to love living in the country...and hubby and I are excited as well!


  1. It certainly is a busy time for you now but how exciting for you to finally get what you have been waiting and praying for - for a long time now. I am so happy for you and can hardly wait to see pictures. Ben will have lots of fun with his new toys - I can remember on the farm some interesting times driving the tractor but it didn't have all the stuff on it that is in your picture.
    Definitely have to come for a visit some time to check out your new place and have a ride on that "gator"
    Praying all will go smoothly during the transition.
    Love to all

  2. This is so-so exciting!!! I'm thrilled so much for you all!!! You're in the home stretch now finally. That equipment will be very helpful indeed as well as some fun, I'm sure. Glad baby girl is doing so well. Thumb sucking is hard to break once started.

    Love and hugs to all