Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day on the farm

Today is Mother's Day and I am such a blessed mama!!  God has given me 6 wonderful blessings.  What a joy each of them are to me!   Hubby and I wish both of our Mom's a very Happy Mother's Day as well.  We thank the Lord for both of you!!

We have had quit the busy month (thus not blogging very often).  We had hubby's Mom (and another lady) come visit for a couple days.  Then we had all of my side of the family here for a weekend.  We enjoyed such a nice visit with my parents for 3 weeks and also enjoyed a quick overnight visit with some dear friends from our old church.  It's always fun showing people around the 'farm' here with all our little feather babies (that are growing into BIG feather babies!!)  Our ducks and geese are almost at full maturity.  We have our Comet chickens moved outside now with only the Guinea/Top Hat chickens/ and Easter Egg chickens left in the garage.  It will be several weeks before they can be moved outside.  We look forward to our goats and rabbits next month!

Our garden is finally in the works!  What a time we had trying to get it plowed and ready for planting.  After several failed attempts at it, we called in reinforcement (our well trained neighbor)  to come and till up the ground.  What a lifesaver he was!  In 30 mins, he had that ground looking like a garden!!  As of today we have 6 rows planted and will hopefully get the rest done tomorrow.  Now to learn about canning/preserving.  Anyone with helpful info is welcome to drop me a note :)

Here are a few pics from the 'farm'....


  1. We thank the Lord for you as well sweetheart. We really enjoyed our visit with you all, seeing so many of the little chicks arrive and spending time with you both and the kids. It will be nice to get your garden in and watch it grow. Looking forward to on going pictures of life in the country. Thank you for all you did to make our stay so enjoyable. Hoping your next video will be of our wee girl walking across the room. :)

    Love you all so much

  2. Thank you very much, Alissa! Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day as well. We are very thankful for you and your wonderful family! Thanks for sharing the pictures of your lovely farm. Glad we got to come up and see it even though it was very short. Hope all goes well with the gardening and animals.