Sunday, September 13, 2015


Haven't posted for a while so I'm trying to think if there is anything new around here.
   We took the month of August off for school, so we are back into the swing of things starting our new year.  So far the kids are enjoying their subjects.  Our oldest LOVES her history program this year.  She kept talking about it so much that our oldest boy now sits in during her audio portion (on CD) and he loves it too.  Still trying to work out a good system of adding the 4th full time child into the mix.  Hoping things will smooth out quickly and we will get into a good routine.
   All the animals are doing well.  Our batch of black maran chickens are starting to mature and we think we have 3 roosters so far (out of 9 chickens).  Rabbit cages have all been set up and the 7 of them are in seperate cages now.  We have one female ready for breeding but still need to wait on the male to mature.  I am anxious to start getting little bunnies!!!  Hopefully by Christmas we will be able to enjoy some rabbit meat.
   The ducks and guineas are laying eggs but since there is no nesting area, we find them broken in the yard every once in awhile.  Today we found an intact duck egg, so hubby is looking forward to trying it out :)  Puppy is growing!  He has done really well around all the animals so far.  We will take him into the chicken pens with us, and he is more interested in eating chicken poop than anything else.  How gross!  He also has a habit of eating any dead mice our barn cat leaves laying around.  Double gross!!
   I think that is about it.  We are enjoying the cooler weather!  Walking is so much more enjoyable with a nip in the air than humidity.  I love autumn!!  Our boy is also going to have a birthday this week.  Eight years time flies.

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  1. Thanks for the update. Glad that school has started well and the kids are enjoying it. Also, glad all is well on the farm. Yes, that is gross what puppy ate but you never know what they will eat or chew on. :-)