Thursday, March 24, 2016


I keep meaning to update here but I have literally been soooo busy!  I have been sewing pretty much all through the week after we get schooling done and chores on the farm.  I have been excited to see all the orders coming through for hair wraps and I sold my first head covering as well!  

The farm is hopping around here!  We have 2 geese laying right now and since it is their first year, we haven't seen them start setting yet.  It has been a couple weeks and they have laid about 24 eggs, so we bought 2 incubators and are trying to hatch 2/3 of the eggs ourselves.  I don't want them to go to waste.  We are also incubating about 11 duck eggs as well.  The beginning of April, we have more chickens, ducks, guinea and pheasant coming.  We are setting up new enclosed areas for all the birds.  I see a few more chicken coops in your future Steve when you come to visit!!!!   We have eggs coming out our ears.  Right now 28 dozen sitting in the kitchen.  We have a few buyers but not enough to get rid of our abundant supply.  We are also filling in all the pot holes in our driveway.  I actually hopped on the tractor for a bit and had some fun.  Yes, I am definitely a farm girl! 
We are hoping to get the garden prepped soon.  We've got lots of goodies to plant this year.  I'm so excited about doing pumpkin again this year.  We all really enjoy our pumpkin roll dessert!  

Well, I guess that is enough of an update for right now.  I have probably lost all my readers since I haven't posted for so long, but if you do stop by to read this, we are doing well, enjoying life, loving each other, and praising God for His abundant goodness to us!

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  1. You certainly have been busy. You look like a real pro on the tractor. Farm life seems like it's great for the whole family. Glad all is going well up there for you all. Thanks so much for sharing.