Sunday, June 12, 2016


Saturday was the FIRST day it was warm enough to go swimming! It's been such a cool month of May, we didn't open the pool until the end of the month. The kids were excited to get into this year's new swimwear! All the little girls outfits came from Costco and our oldest got her's off of ModLi.


  1. Look at them all ready for the pool. I'm sure they're glad to be in the pool again. I like the Wonder Woman stance. Will the oldest two be diving off the board this year? They all look nice in their new outfits. Will look forward to seeing some pool pictures. Thank you for sharing with us Alissa. Love to all

  2. Can't believe how much they have all grown since seeing them last! Great pictures of all of them. Know that they will enjoy the pool. Glad it has warmed up enough to get in. Thanks so much for sharing.