Saturday, January 21, 2017

Birthday pics

These pics come a week early, but our girl is about to turn 3 soon!  What a handful this little gal is.  She has a huge vocabulary and good sentence structure for her age (compared to our other kids at that age).  She definitely tells you what is on her mind and what she wants.  She is very expressive with words and facial expressions.  She loves being with all her siblings and especially loves her new little sister.  She certainly adds excitement around here :)  We love you!


  1. What a little cutie - but then all your kids are beautiful - must be from those good looking parents.
    Hard to believe she is 3 already.
    Love and hugs to all.

  2. What sweet pictures of our precious little girl. Hope she has a fun time celebrating her birthday. She has such a beautiful smile.
    I'm still waiting to see pictures from our oldest's birthday.

    Love to all

  3. Those are beautiful pictures of our girl. Can't help but see her Grandpa L. in her. I agree with Aunt L. that it's hard to believe she's already 3. Thanks for sharing.