Monday, June 20, 2011

Cake order

I have a cake order for tomorrow. This was fun. I had free reign to do whatever I wanted :)
I made buttercream and chocolate fondant roses (fonderific).....yum!! I did a basketweave around the outside and a rope-like border on top and bottom. I love the results! Hope they like it.


  1. Wow..beautiful cake and I'd be willing to bet that it tastes wonderful:0)
    I'd love to be able to do that kind of magic with my cakes.

  2. That looks sooo good!! I could go for a piece of your cake right now. I've even got the ice cream. Oh well,guess I'll have to wait til I come down. You did a great job on it as usual.

  3. Another beautiful cake, sis!! I'm sure they'll love it!
    I'd like to place an order for a Bob the Builder cake for the end of the month, please. :)

  4. Shipping to canada now???...Well then,we'll take kiding, however, I too must say you do a lovley job;)It looks soooo good!!!They will defenently LOVE it..

  5. What a beautiful cake!!! I'm sure they loved it!!!