Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I love when I get those spare moments to steal away to the piano and play. That is how I personally love to worship my Lord, through music. I find such joy in playing songs for Him. Some of my recent favorites are by the Getty's.

Speak, O Lord

Jesus Draw Me Ever Nearer.....


  1. Enjoyed hearing you play both songs!!! It was great to hear you playing again!

  2. It truly was beautiful...wish I had just half the talent;)...wait until "mom" see's this one(re:blog) she must love to hear her girl play;);)...thanks for sharing, it was a blessing today to hear...

  3. BEAUTIFUL!!! I could listen to that all day. Thanks for sharing....

  4. They are such beautiful songs and you did an excellent job!! I miss hearing you play the piano since my health has gotten worse, but there is nothing like good Christian music to "lighten/uplift" your day. LET THE "SON" SHINE IN!!! :) Love and prayers coming your way.

  5. "Mom" indeed loves to hear her girl play,and also sing. That was lovely Alissa. Does this mean you may start playing at church again? It was really good hearing and seeing you play once again. The pieces were both very nice.
    How is our oldest coming along with her playing? Thank you sweetheart for sharing with "me". Love you.