Friday, August 26, 2011

Back home!

The painter arrived Monday morning and finished this afternoon! What a bright, clean looking house :) Now we tidy up and organize to get pictures done for the listing, and get this house on the market!!
We had a nice week at my brother and sister-in-law's house while the painter was working hard. Thank you for the stay!


  1. It must be such a great feeling...still praying for you all as these days ahead unfold;)Take care guys!I am sure the kids enjoyed there time with the cousins as did the adults/sibling too.Have a fabulous week ahead!!!

  2. Glad to hear your back home to carry on with getting things ready for the move. You'll have to keep the kids away from the walls. ha ha!
    Your Dad is retired now, as of Fri. He is sooooo happy!!

  3. " HAPPY ANNIVERSARY " to you both! 13 years has gone by so quickly. Have a wonderful day.
    Love Mom