Sunday, September 25, 2011

We're here!

Just wanted to let you all know we have arrived safely, we're unpacking and organizing, getting settled in! Hubby's first day on the job is tomorrow. We are adjusting to all the newness....hopefully it won't be long until we are into a routine once again. Anxious to find all the school books so we can get school underway again. The kids have had quite a nice break over the past month!!! Hopefully we'll be able to post some pics soon :) Thanks for all the continued prayer....we appreciate it!


  1. Glad to hear you got there safely and now the "fun" begins trying to get everything organized and getting in to a routine again. It will be hectic but exciting at the same time
    Still praying for the sale of the house.
    Praying for Ben as he starts his new job tomorrow - he will do just fine, I know.
    Love to all.

  2. Glad to hear you made it safe and sound! A transition like this takes some time so try not to get too discouraged by the lack of routine. We wish we could be there to lend a hand and to cheer Ben on but just know that you're in all our prayers!

    As for the school, I know you're anxious, but you're kids are in fact getting a great first hand lesson on life that is just as valuable, however, having your material and getting into a routine will help to keep things sane and reduce the anxiety... we're struggling through that ourselves;)

    Keep us posted, looking forward to seeing some pics!

  3. This is by far a time of mixed emotion(s) I am certain! May each day unfold for itself as it reveals yet a bigger picture;)Praying for you ALL...trusting hubby finds peace and strength in the many prayers that are going out on His behalf during this His first(almost) day on the new job!!!.......and mom, you are doing just fine I am certain, afterall as "Uncle Steve" put it above you have had plenty to teach in the dailies and I am certain that there have been many a lesson learnt thorugh such times in these previous patience,character,integrety,ect ect ECT*grin*.I do however from a mother/wife perspective have "emphathy" for you...hold on however to the many promises in His word;););)Hugs all around!!! Congratulations on this your "new" job/life.....

  4. Hi Honey, You're in our thoughts and prayers on all accounts. We will see you all soon.
    Love Mom