Sunday, August 26, 2012

and home again!

We had another unexpected trip down south again this weekend.  It had nothing to do with housing this time!!  We have a dear friend that is not doing well and we decided it would be best to make a visit, especially for our daughter's sake.
 I've written about this man before....he started coming to our church when our oldest was 4 years old.  He had lost his 4 year old daughter to cystic fibrosis.  Our daughter and he hit it off immediately and for the next 4 years, they sat together every Sunday and Wednesday service (we sat in the same row).  Even after he no longer attended our church, our daughter and he kept in contact through letters and phone calls.  They have a special friendship!
We heard Friday night that he had been moved to a nursing/rehab facility and was not doing well.  He has been having problems swallowing and keeping anything down.  For a skinny man, the loss of 36 lbs has really taken its toll on him.  He was very weak and frail when we saw him over the weekend, but what a surprise it was to him to see his 'girl' walk into his room!  We were able to have a good visit him and I believe it lifted his mood.  We pray for his recovery.


  1. How great big girl could get to see her special friend..I am sure it was great for him as well - especially if it was a surprise. It was good of you to do this for both of them - (look at those smiles)
    Thanks for sharing Alissa

  2. I'm sure he will remember that visit by you all and of course "his girl." How blessed he is to have found our girl to brighten up his life and for her to have the privilege to do that for someone else. God uses very small children to be a big blessing to others. I'm so glad you were able to get to see this dear man. I do pray he recovers from this.
    Love to you all.

  3. We also were blessed by your visit down!!! So glad you did get to see your dear friend and we do pray that he can recover from this sickness. It was great that you were able to get the pictures with him and the children and the one with him and his girl! Glad you had a safe trip back home, too!

    Love you all