Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Baby blues

 Here's some pics of my baby blues :)

my goodness...i think i see what
my boy is going to look like
in 20 years!!!  so grown up


  1. Wow and Wow!!!!! Such great pictures!!! Loved all the pictures of our boys and girls!!! I sure see what you mean about our boy looking so much older in that picture. He definitely looks older than seven and how handsome he is!!! Thanks for sharing.

    Love to all

  2. Hi
    Your children has Blue eyes like their Great Grandfather Smith. Dad's eyes were so Blue that the whites of his eyes looked Blue at times.
    Love Dad.

  3. Alissa... these pictures are amazing!!!! Both boys look older in these pictures. And yes.. they are so handsome!! Lovely pictures of the two girls too. So continue working with your camera,who knows,you may become amazing at photography as well as everything else you have done.*smile*
    Thank you for your card and phone call(s)*smile*

    Love to all