Friday, February 22, 2013

Lamplighter Offer

3 posts in one day!!!

This is an AMAZING deal.  Our family LOVES LOVES LOVES the Lamplighter audio books.  We have set 1 and set 2 because of an amazing offer they had last year.  Now they are offering another amazing offer and I hope each of you will take advantage of it.  This offer expires on the 24th so please don't hesitate!!

These are amazing dramatic audio books for the whole family with the goal of teaching biblical character.  (*Dramatic audios means it is not just someone reading the story, it is sound effects/different characters voices/etc)  These are truly the BEST stories we have ever listened to.  Set one (7 dramatic audio stories) goes for $180 and set two (7 dramatic audio series) goes for $195.  For the next 2 days, they are giving these away for $7 each set.  


They are also offering ebooks as well which is what I ordered this time around.  Seven ebooks for $7....we got all three sets!!!

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