Wednesday, February 13, 2013

You want me to do what?

Not a whole lot new going on here.  Seems it's been quite slow around the house lately which I don't mind at all!!!  The kids are busy trying to finish up their school year.  Everyone is healthy and we pray it stays that way!!!  The snow is really coming down today....very pretty outside, even for someone who doesn't like the snow :)  Hubby will be heading for an appointment to check on his throat.  We will be scheduling surgery probably around April???  Maybe a little later.  He has done so well this time around (it's been a year since his last surgery)...and I think it has to do with detoxing.  I've read that autoimmune diseases can be triggered by metals/toxins in our body.  I believe he has high levels of mercury in him from years ago, so he has detoxed twice now which may be what has stretched out his surgery length this time around.

I've also been doing a lot of reading and research lately on health.  I have a neat little tid bit of info to share with you (which has gotten some laughs).  The same hormone that is triggered in pregnancy (hCG) is the same hormone that is triggered in our bodies when we have cancer.  No kidding!!!  HCG can be detected in your body up to 2 years before you have the symptoms of cancer.  I encourage you all (men!!!!) to go and try out this simple test.  You need to get a pregnancy test that detects the lowest amount of hCG (here are the brands to look for.... E.P.T, First Response, Clearblue)  Hubby went a little bug-eyed when I told him this, but he took his test and it was negative!!  There are lots of articles out there to back this up......(it can detect testicular, ovarian, lung, pancreatic, stomach cancers)  I have been reading a fantastic book by a Christian man who lost 7 family members to cancer.  It is called Cancer: Step Outside the Box.  Anyone interested in curing cancer naturally....this is a must read!!!  It is also for prevention as well.

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  1. We are thrilled that hubby is doing so well. We really thank the Lord for that!!!

    Thanks for sharing the health information. Your father-in-law is not pregnant either. :-) That is great that you are doing extensive research in health matters and doing things naturally as much as possible. Hopefully, it will help greatly.

    Love you all