Friday, April 12, 2013

Birthday girl

Our baby girl turned one year old today.  We had a big fish cake and what fun she had playing with it!!  None ever made it to her mouth but she sure made a mess :)  Thank you for all the cards and gifts for her.  What a blessing she is to us!!
...and check out those top 2 teeth coming in!!!


  1. It looks like our girl did have a lot of fun for her first birthday!!! Yay on the teeth---you were probably wondering if she was ever going to get them.:-) Such cute pictures of her! Please give her a big hug and kiss from Nana and Grandpa and let her know that we love her very much!!! The fish cake was so cute. Great job with it, Alissa!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

    All our love

  2. It looks like she is making the cake in the last photo
    Love Grandpa

  3. Sorry it has taken so long to comment. I truly love all the pictures of our sweet girl. She sure did enjoy getting her hands in the cake. So cute!!! Did she actually eat some of it? You did a great job on the cake Alissa,it looked really nice. I'm sure it tasted good too. Thanks for all the pics of her birthday.

    I'm sure her walking is getting much better now.

    Love you sweetheart