Saturday, April 20, 2013

One year pictures

We took our girl to have her one year photos done today and here they are!  Number one is the one we bought.


  1. So-so precious!!! What adorable and sweet pictures of our girl!!! As I was looking at the pictures, the third one from the bottom, showed a resemblance to brother #2, at least to me! :-) Thanks for sharing.

    Love and miss you all!!!

  2. Beautiful of course! There's something in her expression that reminds me of Alanna. Not sure why, but it just does. What a gorgeous girl... well, all of them are gorgeous!

  3. K - you are right about Alanna. I often see some of her cousin O in her (and cousin O has such a resemblance to her mommy Alanna as a baby)

  4. Oh my goodness,what sweet,sweet pictures of our little sweetheart! It is hard to choose a favourite. They are all so nice. I like the one with the boa,and also the one after that one. Such a variety of photos and poses.

    Is she walking yet alone?

    Thanks for sharing Alissa.

    With love to you all

  5. I must agree - those pictures are just too adorable - what a beautiful little girl and I think you had a difficult choice to pick one. She still looks like her mama to me.
    Thanks so much for sharing - I love seeing the pictures of my great nieces and nephews.
    Love you all bunches.