Thursday, August 29, 2013

15 years

Hubby and I have enjoyed these past 15 years together!  Today was a celebration of the beautiful relationship that hubby and I continue to share together.  God has been so very good to the both of us.  We have been blessed far beyond what we could have imagined at the beginning of our life together.  I  am so thankful for the man God has blessed me with.  I love watching him love, guide and teach our children.  I love how he shows our children the importance of the relationship he and I share together.  I appreciate the diligence and care he shows to make sure I am being spiritually fed and that my needs are being met to the best of his ability.  I love how much he makes me feel loved!  I love his determination and how hard working he is so that I can have the privilege of staying at home with our children.  I look forward to the years ahead with him.....all the memories we have yet to make together.  God is so good!
 I love you babe.  Happy Anniversary!


  1. HAPPY-HAPPY 15TH ANNIVERSARY!!!! Where does time get to? That was such a sweet post! We're so happy for both of you and pray that God will give you many-many more blessed years together!

    Love you all

  2. Hope you had a wonderful anniversary! Can't believe it's been 15 years already.

  3. Congratulatons Ben & Alissa on your 15th Wedding Anniversary - I was thinking of your wedding this morning. May the Lord bless you with many more wonderful years together.
    Lots of Love,

  4. What a great testimonial to your wonderful hubby!!!! A woman can't ask for more than that. The both of you put Christ first in all that you do,and that includes your marriage also. He is a good role model for your boys. And your girls see how they should be treated by a guy. Glad you had a nice anniversary. I know the kids enjoyed making it special.

    Love you both so much