Thursday, August 22, 2013


Happy birthday to my mama!  Hope you have a wonderful day today!

Yesterday we had a nice evening with one of our neighbors from South Carolina.  He was here on business, so it was great to catch up over supper and have fellowship with him.

We have been easing back into our school routine.  Not up to a full day yet but getting some stuff done.  We have 3 full time learners now so it will be another shift in planning the day to fit everything in.  What really helps us is that we do most of our subjects together as a family.  The only individual subjects are math and language.  It makes things alot easier and the kids enjoy their time together.

That's about all the updates for now!


  1. Thank you sweetheart. I did have a great day. I saw,or talked with all my kids,talked with my Dad,saw my sister,got roses from Hubby,and received many beautiful cards. Hopefully dinner out tomorrow. I am truly blessed !!!

  2. Hi Alissa!
    Thank you for having Andy over for dinner. He really enjoyed the time spent with y'all.