Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Can you spot him?

Here is the yearly staff photo at hubby's work.  He is very easy to pick out this year.  Can you spot him?

Also, a quick update on me.  I was suppose to go to my 3 hr glucose test today (thank you for all those thinking of me today).  I actually cancelled it.  If you know me, I'm a researcher.  I have a need to find out as much as I can when it comes to medical things.  I was really struggling with going for this test.  It does not seem natural to me to put your body into a fast and then give it a sugar shock like that.  Side effects are vomiting, fainting, sweating, shakes, nausea.....it's just not natural!!  So I set out to research better ways :)  Many midwives simply recommend that you take your blood sugar after each meal (using glucose strips - diabetic meter) for about a week.  You can buy them for under $20 at Walmart or other pharmacies.  It is a more 'real world' scenario  rather than the syrupy sugar drink.  So, I will be talking to my doctor and praying he will get on board with me and my idea *smile*.....I'm such a pain when it comes to following doctors orders!!
I've also been recording by blood pressure at home for the past several days.  I have great readings at home....it just seems to be when I go to the doctor....so we'll see what he says about that too!


  1. Thanks for sharing the picture of hubby's work. When you said he was easy to spot, I was looking for him in the very front. I did find him when I looked further back.

    So glad your blood pressure is reading good at home. Hopefully, the diabetic meter will give you good results as well.

    Love you all

  2. Blue shirt? Sorry, I noticed Ken first... but maybe it's because I saw him before I ever met Ben. :) Kidding.

  3. Just getting caught up on the blog again{oh,how time has slipped on by me} ....anyhow thinking of you all and love all the pics ect...trusting in a great finish to this last trimester for you and a safe arrival of your latest addition;)

  4. Hey ,he is not that easy to find.