Friday, October 18, 2013


Well, I didn't get good news from my glucose test.  First time I have failed it.  Now I have to go for the 3 hr glucose tolerance test.....yuck!  Also, my blood pressure was high again so I have to do the 24 hr urine test.....uuugggg.  They talked about starting medication again.  I guess I'm showing my maternal age!!  I don't think I'm diabetic.  My numbers were slightly elevated but they say only 1/3 of woman who take the 3 hr test are actually diabetic.  But they say it can be quite nauseating because you have to fast for 10 hrs and take a really sweet drink and have blood drawn 4 times over 3 hrs!!!!  I hope I don't faint!  I also have to start recording my blood pressure during the day for the next 2 weeks and bring it to my next appointment.  I am looking forward to this stage being over and holding our little one!!!  Please keep me in your prayers that I will pass and do well at my glucose test on Tuesday.....that I can get my blood pressure under control....and that I will stay healthy (and baby as well!)  Poor hubby does not like this stress :)


  1. So sorry to hear about the glucose test and blood pressure issues. That regular glucose test is bad enough to deal with. We definitely will be praying with your regarding this things. Yes, I know how hubby feels.

    Love you all

  2. Will be praying. The glucose test isn't so bad. It just takes forever. I had to do it with my last baby too. Bring some reading material. Or a pillow and you can nap while waiting for the next blood test. :)

    Regardless, we will be praying that these things will pass and that baby (and Mommy) are growing strong and healthy.

    Love ya sis