Sunday, October 26, 2014


Just a few updates.
Baby girl is doing well.  She is finally enjoying her solids now.  Her menu is squash, sweet potato, prunes, apricot/applesauce, blueberry/applesauce.  She eats twice a day and still nurses frequently.  She is a very happy girl and very vocal!  Not quite crawling yet but rocks back and forth on her hands and knees and moves backwards.  Says 'dada' and other little sounds.  Still only 2 teeth (that are sharp!!)
Our 9 yr old lost a tooth today and our oldest is about to lose another.  She just had a dentist appt and they are talking about braces soon.  I think we are going to wait until her 'eye' teeth have dropped before we move forward with braces.
Everyone else is doing well.  All are healthy!  I'm in the process of making some immune boosting tinctures.  I LOVE herbs!  Need to make sure we keep our immunity up as the winter months approach.  Going to be making a new elderberry syrup as well which looks yummy!  Still waiting for a few ingredients to arrive.
We had a great visit with my parents.  The kids love spending time with them and showing them around the 'farm' and we were even able to do a little exploring.  We have big plans for next year as we are seriously considering goat farming (for meat) and rabbits (for meat).  I'm hoping to also get into canning as well next year.  We are going to be busy busy!!

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  1. Oh boy!! Why weren't those teeth ready when we were there. I love pulling out teeth. We really enjoyed our visit with you all.
    Sounds like lots will be be going on next year. You will be busy.
    Love you all