Thursday, October 9, 2014


Not too much new going on here.  We are rabbit-sitting right now for a family at church.  The kids are loving them!  These four rabbits are going to produce lots of babies for meat eating :)  The kids now want to add rabbits to our list of farm animals to get here.  We will see.  I think we tasted rabbit in Newfoundland one time so I'm up for it in the future!

Baby girl still has a little bit of her cold yet.  The other 2 are pretty much over it now.  No one else came down with it.  Our 2 yr old sprained her wrist yesterday so she is a little grumpier these days.
Baby girl is still not really liking her 'solids'.  We have attempted Sweet Potato and some of the applesauces.  She LOVED the apricot/applesauce one.  I need to find my BabyBullet so I can start making her food.  It's in a box packed away downstairs somewhere......

We have been purchasing a few more items for around the house lately.  Adding a little decoration here and there.  It is coming along very nicely and I like seeing the rooms all come together.

It is definitely getting colder around here.  I LOVE the fall!!!  Our walks are so much nicer when you're not sweating up a storm!  I think we need to do one more grass mowing yet.  Hopefully this will be the last one before winter comes.  We had a tornado touch down close to the house yesterday.  Three inches of rain and lots of wind and hail.  We bunkered down in the basement for a little while, but when we came back upstairs, saw the prettiest rainbow!!  Beautiful!  It was tense there for a little while.

Speaking of winter, I went on an eBay shopping blitz and bought all of us some winter snowsuits.  We all now have a one piece snowsuit.  They are so neat.  I liked the idea of a one piece to prevent snow from going down our backs or snow pants.  They are easy zip on and we all look pretty snazzy I must say.  Also helps we got most of them for over 50% off!

That's about it for now.

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