Tuesday, January 13, 2015

She's better

So, so very thankful that our girl's fever is gone!!  I switched my homeopathic remedy last night from Belladonna to Gelsemium (Belladonna was for a perspiration fever and hers was a dry fever) and soon after that her feet started warming up which had been ice cold for the past 3 days.  Never had a fever to that with the kids....hot head and body but cold extremities.  As bedtime approached, her fever starting dropping.  I didn't give her any Tylenol last night and kept checking on her.  She slept through the night with no temp from what I could tell and she has been fever free all day today!  So thankful to God for her healing.  Three days of a high fever was getting me concerned.  I really don't like when fevers get close to 103 let alone 104.5.  Praying that baby girl does not come down with it and the rest of us stay healthy and well.  Keep those hands washed!!!!  The flu is a bad one!  


  1. Glad she's doing better. Praying the rest of you stay healthy! It's so hard to contain sickness when you're in the same household. Unfortunately, we have a stomach bug going around our household. Thankfully, it's mild compared to the ones we've had in the past. I have "Purify" going in the diffuser.

  2. I've been running Immune Strength in our room for baby girl. Hoping it will help. Did you get Tummy Rub to help with the stomach bug?