Monday, January 12, 2015

The flu has hit

I was hoping to avoid the flu this year, but it seems to have hit our household.  Our 2 yr old has been dealing with it for the past 3 days now and it has not been fun....for either of us!  Her fever usually hovers around 102-103 throughout the day and goes up to 104 by bedtime (although today has been the worst and her temp is staying up at 104 for most of the day).  During the day I use essential oils (lavender, myrtle, myrrh, tea tree) on her feet/back/neck to help lower the fever and give her immunity a boost.  She is getting lots of elderberry and some colloidal silver throughout the day, and I'm using homeopathic meds to treat the fever and illness (belladonna and now gelsemium).  At night I give a dose of Tylenol so I can get a little sleep and she can be comfortable for a few hours.  Her temp goes right down and she sleeps soundly...and I don't have to be constantly checking her temp!!  Right now I'm letting her fever do its thing during the day while I monitor it.  She isn't eating but does get some fluids in her (I'm also filling her juice with sodium ascorbate - powdered Vitamin C)  From what I have heard the fever last for 6 days so we are only half way through.  I am fervently praying that baby girl (who will have her first birthday in 2 weeks) does not come down with it!!!  I'm diffusing our Thieves essential oil blend (called Immune Strength) in the baby's room and throughout the house during the day to help boost everyone's immunity, and we are all taking elderberry and colloidal silver.  Hopefully this will pass quickly and without complication.  It's so hard seeing her look so pitiful!!

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  1. So sorry our girl is sick! It is hard to see them like that for sure. Maybe with all the natural things you're doing hers will not last the six days like most. Hopefully, too, no one else will get it. We're praying that way.

    Love to all