Monday, February 9, 2015

Church and birds

Kind of a mixed post today.... Here are some pics of the basement while we were getting ready for our first church service.  Those that have seen our basement will probably be surprised at how empty it now is!!  We managed to clear out the entire one side of the basement to hold our service.  At the door entry, we have a coffee and snack table set up (for after service fellowship).  The front has a t.v. set up for presentation purposes (our teaching elder likes to use slides while he teaches).  We set up about 30 chairs to start with but have room for upwards of 50 people if we need it.  Hopefully by that point we will have found a church building to meet in!  Exciting times ahead!!!

Another interesting thing this week was the bluejays that showed up!  We had over 65 birds on our lawn and most of them were bluejays.  I have never seen so many at one time!  It was quite the sight :)

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  1. Sorry sweetheart for not commenting earlier about this post. I like the way you have everything set up for church. I trust that soon you will be having more people come out.
    I would like to know though, where everything is that was against that wall ?
    That is really something,all those Bluejays on your front yard!

    Love to all