Friday, February 13, 2015


So, many of you know I LOVE to shop at ThredUp.  That is where I get most of the girls dresses and skirts.  There was a huge .99 cent sale on several weeks back.  And yes, I love a good sale! And yes, I did go a little crazy....but it was .99 cents!!!!  Raulph Lauren, Gap, Gap Kids, Addidas, etc....beautiful cardigans, jeans, polos, shirts, dresses, some jackets.....oh yes...I got quite the deal!  And yes, you would be correct to identify 7 boxes in the photo below :)
If you want to browse or purchase clothes through ThredUp, you can do so through this link.... 'ThredUp' and get $10 free towards your first purchase!!!


  1. WOW, Alissa !! You certainly do find great deals on clothes. How wonderful for you. How are the kids ever going to find room for them all in their closets. :) Keep finding those deals!!

    Love to everyone

  2. That is wonderful how you got the great deals! It's like Christmas all over again! I know the kids especially the girls loved getting the clothes.

    Love you all