Thursday, June 18, 2015

Garden pics

Here are some pics of the garden.  You can see that some of the rows still need weeding!!!  We've done several already, but there are more that need to be done.  Vines and grass are really growing around the plants.
first row pumpkin, second row green beans

3 rows of green beans

corn, potatoes and tomatoes

cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, and hopefully peppers

our rows that need weeding!!!!


  1. Your garden looks great! I'm sure you will enjoy the fruits ( veggies) of your labour. Weeding is not the fun part of gardening that's for sure. Too bad you couldn't let loose the goats to do the weeding for you. :)
    Love the pictures Alissa, thanks for sharing.

    Love to all

  2. Looks like some good eating, for sure. It's a lot of work but hopefully, will pay off for you with all the good food. Thanks for sharing.