Tuesday, June 16, 2015


We have been quite busy around here trying to finish up our end of year school testing and getting our report cards all completed.  We have finished up every subject but English, so hopefully over the next 2 weeks we will get everything done!
Farm life is going well.  Our garden is blooming which is nice to see.  We have had to weed quite a bit lately as the grass have overtaken most of the garden.  Hubby tilled all the 'walking' areas between the rows which really helped, and now we are weeding each individual row.  With it being so hot outside, we don't stay out for long periods of time.  Needless to say, the pool has been getting alot of use of the past couple weeks!!
The animals are doing well.  We lost one of our laying chickens last week (to the dog) and this morning we lost a guinea (to the dog!!!)  If she wasn't such a good watch dog, I think we'd get rid of her!  This hunting-for-sport is costing us money!!!  We have 2 more hens that are setting....one of our comets and one of our marans.  Baby chicks are so much fun to see!!
We had a nice time with company a week or so ago.  The kids had a blast with the other kids.
Every one is doing well!  That's about it......


  1. Glad your garden is doing well and that everything is fine. Glad to hear you're enjoying the pool, too. I guess we'll be seeing some good little swimmers soon. Sorry to hear about losing the laying chicken and guinea to Roxie. She is a good dog but it is hard when that happens. Thanks for sharing all the updates.

  2. I want to see pictures of the veg garden.