Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Birthday girl is 2!

Happy birthday to our not-so-little baby girl!  2 years old and what a joy she is.  She is mama's girl for sure and I love her hugs.  She loves to play with her 2 big sisters, be pampered by her oldest sister, have fun with her big brothers, and to cuddle with daddy.  What a delight she is to our family and loved by all.  Her smile and giggles are so precious!  We love you!!

Today was our precious boy's due date.  We would have been celebrating 2 birthdays!  How I wish I was holding him right now :)


  1. I'm glad she had a great birthday. She looks really happy with her cake, and gifts. You did a nice job on the cake, by the way. Love the pictures of her, and the one with you.
    Yes... if the Lord permitted, you would be holding a precious little one in your arms now. But, we do all believe He doeth all things well, and one day you shall see this child again. Praise God!

    Love to all

  2. Thanks for sharing the pictures! Loved them all! You did do great with the cake and looks like our girl really enjoyed eating it. Looks like she had a great birthday. I agree with "Mom" on the little one. There are a lot of things we don't understand in this life but one day soon we will.