Monday, January 11, 2016

New Year

Much has been happening around here since I last updated.  Things seem to get busier and busier, thus my blog posts get fewer and fewer!!
We had a great holiday with our family here over Christmas.  We managed to have 24 people squeezed together over the weekend and it worked out pretty well.  It was nice to get a pic of the family and the cousins all together.
We entered the new year with a birthday and our oldest turning a teenager!!!  Woohoo!  She received a sewing machine for Christmas and has already been busy sewing projects.  I'm so proud of her as she has put together 4 cloth feminine pads so far.  She has very little supervision from me and is getting quite quick with them.  We are very  much thinking of selling these in the future, so stay tuned for that!!
I've been excited at the sales so far from my online store,
I am working on expanding the variety and offering some really beautiful headcoverings soon.  Finding the time is the hard part for this homeschooling mama!!
The farm is doing well.  Our animals are nice and cozy thanks to 'Uncle Steve' for his handiwork.  The chickens are enjoying their chicken mansions :)  Great job!!


  1. We sure did have a great time spending Christmas at your place with the whole family. it was so nice having everyone together, what a blessing.
    I'm glad our eldest granddaughter had fun celebrating her 13th birthday. I can just imagine her delight in her theme and trying to eat with chopsticks. I'm glad she liked her card. I had so much fun doing it. That's great she's having fun with her sewing machine and putting it to good use.
    It's good hearing your doing well with your hair wraps.
    Steve did do a great job on the chicken coops.

    Love to all

  2. Yes, we sure can understand how hard it is for you to blog with everything you have going on. We really did enjoy everyone being together at Christmas. It was so nice. Glad our girl had a great birthday. It is hard to believe she is already a teenager but she is a beautiful young lady both inside and out. Glad she's enjoying her sewing machine and looks like she's doing great with it. The chicken coops look great. Thumbs up to Steve for the great work. Glad to hear your hair wraps business is really taking off. Hope it grows and grows for you. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. I've been wondering how those chickens have been liking their new houses! We had a lot of fun! I'm looking forward to coming down again and helping out with more projects :)