Saturday, March 12, 2011

and again.....

It's sounding awful over here! Child #2 is now on antibiotics. This is a horrible, deep down, chest cough (croupy, bronchitis type...worse than the barking seal sound). Child #3 is now showing signs.....I suspect a trip to the doctor probably towards the end of the week. This time I'm going to request specific tests to find out exactly what this is! Praying hubby and I don't come down with it!!


  1. Oh my!!! I know it must be getting so tiring going through this again! We're praying for you all and love to you all, too!

  2. Oh no,this isn't sounding good!!! Is #3 our girl or boy? I feel so bad for you all. Praying it goes no further and it will be ended quickly.
    Love Mom