Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Chapter book

So this morning I caught my 5 yr old reading a Boxcar Children chapter book!! So I thought, that was fine and dandy but did you learn anything from reading it? He went on to explain the story to me..........good grief!! This kid is going to be reading a Tale of Two Cities by the time he's 10 the way he's going! He also thought it was time to make himself some bookmarks since he's reading big kid books.

We also got our Lilla Rose flexi-clips in the mail. Hubby really liked the one that I won in a blog giveaway, so he wanted us to get another one (one for mama and one for our girl). She loves hers!!!! She has a mini-flexi and I have the extra-small. I call them jewelry for the hair :) We'd love to get a few more....

And on the sickness front....the 2 little ones seem to be doing much better (although still coughing), our oldest 2 now have a regular cold, and I've been battling some form of it with a headache for 5 days now, sore lymph nodes etc.... I'm really praying this year will be much better for us health wise!!


  1. Way to go to our boy!!! He's doing great with the reading! Loved the pretty clip in our girl's hair!
    We pray all the sickness goes away and stays away!

  2. Wow !!!! That is very impressive young man. I am so thrilled to hear how much you enjoy reading. Keep it up.
    The hair clips you have are just beautiful,and look so nice. They do have very nice things.
    Praying you will all be healthy soon.
    Love Mom