Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I've been wanting to blog and share about the great weekend I had at the homeschool convention, and all the things I've gained from listening to the speakers. It was such a time of encouragement and conviction! I think it is appropriate that I start out by sharing what has just occurred to one of the speakers, Ken Ham and the Answers in Genesis (AiG) team.
I was looking forward to listening to at least one of his sessions and he had such big crowds whenever he spoke! Unfortunately he has been kicked out of 2 homeschool conventions put on by the Great Homeschool Convention association. He was scheduled to speak in Cincinnati and Philadelphia over the following months but after his last appearance, he has been 'disinvited'. The letter states he has also been disinvited from all future conventions. Please read the above note (or click here) to read about.

In summary, Ken Ham posted on Facebook (before the convention) about one of the speakers, Dr Enns, who was appearing at our convention. Here is what Dr. Enns is promoting....

"In my last post I suggested that the Adam story could be viewed symbolically as a story of Israel’s beginnings, not as the story of humanity from ground zero.
But some might ask, “Why go through all this trouble? Why not just take it literally? The Bible says Adam was the first man. That’s the end of it.”
It’s not that simple, and if it were, people wouldn’t be talking it about it so much. First of all, reading the Adam story symbolically rather than as a literal description of history is not a whim, and it is certainly not driven by a desire to undermine the Bible. Rather, as we have seen, the Bible itself invites a symbolic reading by using cosmic battle imagery and by drawing parallels between Adam and Israel (to name two factors).
There is also considerable external evidence that works against the “just read it literally” mentality.
The biblical depiction of human origins, if taken literally, presents Adam as the very first human being ever created. He was not the product of an evolutionary process, but a special creation of God a few thousand years before Jesus—roughly speaking, about 6000 years ago. Every single human being that has ever lived can trace his/her genetic history to that one person.
This is a problem because it is at odds with everything else we know about the past from the natural sciences and cultural remains."

Dr. Enns goes along with the world view of millions of years and does not take the bible literally.....and Ken Ham wanted to pull the sheep's clothing off of this wolf! In Ken Ham's session, he did not name names but he wanted to make it very clear that we are to be responsible when choosing curriculum that is advertised at the convention. Just because this is a Christian homeschool convention does not mean that all exhibitors are promoting Biblical curriculum as advertised. You need to open the books and read them....see what these exhibitors are selling!!!

I am soooo disappointed with the homeschool convention board. I was looking forward to next year's convention. They are ousting a man who promotes the Bible as 100% truth and encourages believers to be able to defend their faith....but turn around and promote speakers who go against scripture, AND highlight Tim Hawkins (Christian comedian) whom I found very close to being sac-religious in his act (along with the rock concert he put on for us - it was awful!).
I hope you will support Ken Ham and the ministry at Answers in Genesis. Check out their store for many wonderful resources!!!


  1. " UNBELIEVABLE " !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    With all the Christians involved in homeschooling and the ones who make up the curricula,( Bible based ones.) You would think if you all wrote etc. that something could be done to change this situation, or at least to let them know what you want,or don't want taught to your children,and your disapproval of what took place with Ken Ham. I don't know,just an idea.

  2. People are trying to get their money back from the homeschool conventions they have already paid for over the next couple months, but the convention is NOT refunding their money. People are mad!!!