Sunday, July 10, 2011


Our daughter was baptized tonight along with 2 others. What an exciting moment for her! She has made a profession of faith, has a desire to follow her Saviour, and wanted to become an obedient believer. What a pleasure to see her growing in the Lord, even at such a tender young age. Our prayer for her is that she will love the Lord her God with all her heart, soul, mind and strength, and that she will serve Him and be used of Him.


  1. God bless you sweetheart as you strive each day to live for Christ. I'm thrilled to have seen your baptism on video. I wish so much we could have had the opportunity to be there. I am excited to see what plans the Lord has for your life. I know this was an exciting day for you. It makes me feel very blessed and thankful to see another generation professing Christ as their Saviour, and being obedient to Him. You are the start of the sixth generation that I know for sure (but it could be more and probably is.)
    Love Grandma

  2. AMEN!!!!!!!!!!! May his face shine upon you, may you grow in his grace, may you find mercy and love. We look forward to seeing how God works in and through your heart and life.

    Six generations? What a testimony!!!

    The Reese family!

  3. Hi sweetheart
    Grandpa is a little late in telling you how proud I am of you ( in a good way).I am having trouble with my hearing and don't feel like doing anything.May you grow in the Lord daily
    Love Grandpa

  4. What a blessing it was to see our oldest grandchild being baptized!!! To see how she has grown in Lord since being saved is so wonderful and as "Grandpa" said we trust she will continue daily. The first picture of her is so beautiful!

  5. Well.. I found out from Dad that it is seven generations. As I said before it could be more. Praise God for such a heritage. To know that Gods' Word is being taught and lived through lives from generation to generation. That is a great testimony.