Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy 88th!

A very special Happy Birthday to my Grandpa N. Wish we were there to help you celebrate. Continuing to pray for you and thinking of you often! Love you :)
Grandpa with his great granddaughter


  1. Thank you Alissa for remembering Dad in this way. He is having a full weekend of celebration with his family. This is a great picture of him with your little one. He told me you had called him this morning,which made him very happy. How thankful I am to God for my Dad. I love him so much.
    Love you sweetheart.

  2. We send our happy birthday wishes, too, and hope that he has had a very special day!!! We were thinking about him today and hope he is doing well! That is such a sweet picture!!!

  3. Wow "Nana" we managed to comment the exact same minute? :-)