Friday, July 8, 2011

Birthday boy

Our boy is 6 today!! I know the saying gets old but "it goes by so fast!!!!" He is turning into quite the young gentleman. He loves to be helpful, hold doors open for the ladies, will go up and shake hands of the gentlemen, has the sweetest smile....I pray God will use him mightily as he grows up! Happy Birthday my son. You are such a blessing to us. I love you.


  1. Wow..... what a cake!!!! Job well done again Alissa. It looks amazing!! Hope you all enjoy the party tonight. Our party up here is tomorrow. He really is getting to be a big boy. You're also right,he does have the sweetest smile. I told him on the phone that his card would be late because of the mail strike. I'm sorry it didn't make it on time.
    "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" sweetheart,love Grandma.

  2. We totally missed out on calling you for your birthday! We were thinking of our 6 yr old, and talked about his birthday throughout the day (should have called then! but we waited for Daddy to get home join in our phone call). Then we got busy with our own cake and party decorations.... next thing it was bedtime. Sorry nephew! We hope you had a wonderful day!
    Great work on the cake. You'll have to teach me how to use fondant icing some time.

  3. This was just done in buttercream icing. The only fondant was the gun and wheels. We will make a cake together the next time we see each other!

  4. I'm so glad our boy had a great birthday! You did great as always with the cake! It tasted very good, too! :)