Sunday, November 20, 2011


We had some of the cousins visit for the weekend. We had a fun Saturday at the Creation Museum and went to check out Jungle Jim's ( I need to insert a correction here. It wasn't Bull milk cheese, it was Buffalo milk cheese *grin*).
The kids all sat down on the couch wanting a picture and they did great!!! Here's their cute faces....

Our little guy didn't get to go on the camel last visit to the museum, so this time he had a chance to ride with big brother and sister. He was beaming!!


  1. I bet they had a great time just being together yet again;)...I too would love to see "Jungle Jims"(not sure I wantta drink the milk there,wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving this week!!! So much to be thankful for.......take care and enjoy all the memories within;)

  2. That was great that they all had such a wonderful time together! So glad our little guy got to ride the camel this time. I'm sure he'll be telling us all about it.:) I loved all the pictures especially the one with all my grands!!!! Great picture!!! Thanks for sharing.

    Love you all

  3. Hi
    I can really rest now it is not Bulls milk
    Love Dad.

  4. What a fun time and classic cousins couch picture!!!

  5. Very sweet picture of the cousins together. I'm so glad you all enjoyed your time together. We as well had a great time together with them. It went by so quickly. Love Mom.