Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sweet moment

Last night Daddy says we are doing something a little different during prayer time for devotions. Tonight we are going to praise God for one thing as our prayer. Daddy starts by praising God for who He is. Mommy praises God for the movements of baby that I'm feeling at that moment, and the new addition He is blessing us with. Sister, I believe, praises God for the house showings we've recently had, hoping for a buyer soon. Then we get to our 6 year old. I open one eye and watch as his demeanor has changed from his normal rambunctious boyish style, to a serious and quiet disposition. He rubs his eyes like he does when he's trying to hold back tears. I'm curious. He starts very quietly by thanking Jesus for dying on the cross. I smile! He clears his throat....he's getting chocked up. He says how painful it must have been for Jesus. My eyes start filling up with tears! He thanks Jesus again for dying on the cross. Ok....tears are now rolling down my cheeks!!
As a parent, you wonder if your children are understanding the things you teach them from the Bible. Are they truly getting it?? Are they growing spiritually? Is God working in their life at such a young age? Then you witness these moments. There is growth happening even at 6 years of age.
I give him a big hug before bed. Thank you for your praise I tell him....he smiles.


  1. Tears rolling down your cheeks--thinking my cheeks are a little wet right now too:)That is sweet...and so true that as a parent we often shake our heads in wonder?!!?...I am so glad for that very moment in time you had with your little man ,as a parent who wonders the very same some days! I truly feel encouraged as in reading your blog today it brings back a few 'moments' of our own!!! God knew I needed that today(grrrr...)Afterall God is sooo good....very good infact...thank you Lord for your direction in ALL our lives!!!

  2. Yes... you've got tears flowing here too!!! Oh,our precious boy. What a great moment to experience your childs prayer with such conviction and sincerity. Praise the Lord for the constant effort being put forth in teaching and training your children in the things of the Lord. You seem to be doing a great job thus far. Please give him a BIG hug from Grandma and tell him I love him. I appreciate our girls prayer also,as we have all been praying for the same thing. Thank you for sharing all this with us. Love you.

  3. Hi
    I think the prayers that grips the Heart of God are prayers of child like faith, which we should have when we go in prayer to Him.

  4. How precious and thrilling to hear that about our boy!!! That is so wonderful that you could experience such a blessed time with him! We just pray that his heart will always stay tender to the things of the Lord. We are thankful that he and his siblings have such wonderful parents to lead and guide them!!! Thanks for sharing. That was such a blessing!!!

    Love to you all!!!!