Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Our girl is feeling better. She had little pain meds yesterday and none so far today. I think the antibiotics are kicking in!! I like it so much better when she has a smile on her face :)

Today I had a prenatal appointment. Strong heartbeat. Should I tell you how I'm leaning??? I'm thinking boy but we will find out for sure on Nov. 30 at the ultrasound :) I told the doctor about my dizzy spells and how it started after I pulled a muscle in my neck. He wasn't thrilled to hear that....said it is probably a bulged disk pressing against a nerve and nothing to do with pregnancy....bummer. He has recommended a few chiropractors in the area to begin with to see if that will correct it.

Other than that....the day is cool and mommy is tired as usual :) Looking forward to my afternoon nap!!


  1. Glad to hear little sweetheart is feeling better and smiling.

    I'm anxiously awaiting for the news on Nov 30th. :)

  2. Good news about our girl,that's great!! Not such good news about your dizziness. I too am waiting for news on Nov. 30th.
    Love you all.

  3. Glad to hear your baby girl is feeling better! Looking forward to finding out what the gender of this baby is. My guess is a girl! :-)

  4. Hi Alissa
    I was praying this morning for you and the baby and I said she. Is that a sign.????
    love Dad.

  5. hhmmm.....that would sure make our big girl happy!!!

  6. We were so glad to hear that our girl was feeling much better! Hopefully, Mommy's dizziness and tiredness will go away soon, too! That was quite interesting that your doctor suggested a chiropractor. Hope you can find a good one up there.

    I'm anxiously awaiting the Nov. 30 news, too, but haven't a clue what the baby will be! :)