Sunday, July 8, 2012


Our boy turned 7 today!!  Oh, kids grow up way too fast.  We had planned on getting together with family so I was going to do a big doghouse cake...but the kids got sick and our trip was cancelled, so he had to settle for simple cake.  And since I haven't posted pics of our girl lately here are several.....


  1. Happy Birthday to our boy!!! Sorry we couldn't spend your birthday together as planned. Hope you had a fun day. I like your cake,Mommy always does a great job on them.
    Oh my goodness Alissa, our girl is looking more like you all the time. Such sweet,sweet pictures of her. Love her smile. Thanks for sharing honey.
    Love to you all

  2. Our best of happy birthday wishes to our boy, too!!! That is a cute cake and I know it would have been nice if you could have celebrated as you had originally planned. Loved the cute pictures of baby girl! I love her smile, too!

    Love you all

  3. Happy Birthday!!! Not quite as planned but sending our birthday wishes down your way. The kids are eagerly awaiting your arrival so they can play together. Love you all.

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