Sunday, July 1, 2012


Well, after much prayer and waiting (10 months!) we have a signed contract on our house back home!!  The house inspection is this Saturday and there are still things that could go wrong so please continue to pray with us that all will go well and we will sell our house!
Praise God for His continued goodness...........


  1. We do praise the Lord for your good news!!! We will continue praying all goes well with the inspection and other issues involved until the house closes. What a relief for you after all these months!

    Love and hugs to you all

  2. Soooooo praying, as this would be such a wonderful thing to have put behind you all!!!

  3. We are praising God too for His hand in the selling of your house!! Praying that all goes well with the inspection, and that everything concerning the house will be done and over with and you can start looking for the house God has for you there. What a blessing and relief for you.
    Love Mom