Sunday, July 29, 2012

My kiddos


  1. Sweet pictures of our fabulous five!!! I like the all girls picture,and boys as well.

    I'm sure your friend way down south has had her sixth baby by now. What did she have?

    How is the lady doing with the spider bite?

    Love Mom

  2. I think you're talking about Letisha? She had a boy due in April and it was number 7 for them....
    The lady with the spider bite is doing great!! Just a small mark on her arm and no bad side effects. She was so fortunate...
    Love you

  3. The baby looks like her Great Aunt Janette.


  4. Good looking kids but they are even better looking in person.
    Loved seeing you all when you were here.
    Love to all

  5. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pictures of our sweet girls and boys!!! Loved them all!!!

    So glad to hear that your friend with the spider bite did so well with it. I had meant to ask about it, too.

    Love you all